Until next time…

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 when the sun shines.

Well this is England so who knows if and when the sun decides to bestow us with her glorious rays, but I shall return 😀


I wanna narrow boat pretty please

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Spending the weekend at a friends on her little narrow boat, and as I’m in the middle of house hunting, I will be looking to rent one instead 🙂 

This one was  for sale…£27,000 seriously I would of paid him then and there if I could of 🙂

  But then saw this and fell in love.
So I’m off on a house boat hunt! 😀


Lucky soul

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I realized something today, that I’ve known for a while and that is just how lucky I am.
I always felt like a lucky soul but over the last few months/years the things friends & family (& sometimes strangers) have done for me make me really appreciate what I have,
and that is love, in different ways.
They all make me smile whenever I think of them. I can be, not ungrateful, but more…mm, I’m not good at showing my gratitude, sometimes my thanks never feels enough, I intend to improve this somehow, I do send each and everyone of them my love and thanks almost every day. But that’s a mental thanks to them and the universe,
Because I wouldn’t have what I do have without them.


Pub chatter


I’m not pub lass, it is not my first thought when thinking about going out, most drunk people just get on my nerves and I want them to F off and leave me be, doesn’t help that I’m not a big drinker.
But a local pub does have GOOOD food so we had a Sunday lunch there.
Anyway I’m sitting there watching the people, families and friends all gathered in various groups, listening to the noise from their laughter & chatter in different languages…I sit there and think you all have sooo much to say, while I draw a total blank and have nothing to say, I just sit and watch…
Not much fun for companions, unless you like companionable silence. ……..
But I do enjoy people watching 😶
do you ?