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I’ve shared this image on Twitter and Instagram so thought I’d post it here to,  

I do love a sunset, there is nothing more beautiful than nature😊 



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I’ve recently moved back to my childhood area, and I keep seeing faces of people who where ancient when I was a kid… I’m thinking thought you’d be dead by now… Then realize they must of been younger than they looked and that maybe 25 years ago just isn’t as long as it sounds…or feels some days πŸ˜€

Fake, fakey fake

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Do men wake up after picking up a girl the night before, roll over and scream? Because the lady next to him doesn’t have such long fluttering lashes, has smudged eyebrows, looks slightly like a cross between an old leather chair and an orange and he’s sure she had longer hair and pert boobs!
We can make ourselves beautiful for a night out with a bit of mascara, eyeshadow, lippy, a good hairstyle, gorgeous dress and killer heels,
But this fakeness that I’m seeing so much of is making some really pretty girls just plain ugly. Fake tan, fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows, fake hair, fake boobs.
It is scary shite when you have girls.